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One weekend, three stories.

Pride’s always a wild time. This weekend started with writing about one reason why we might want to be concerned that a multinational beer corporation is advertising at the festival. Then, I found out that not everyone was excited this year about Toronto Pride’s Grand Marshall pick. Many people were, however, excited about the seemingly … Continue reading

Hello, summer assignments.

Usually as a journalist, I like to keep myself busy in a dark basement, wading through reams of tax forms, looking for something suspicious. But once in a while, I’ll get a request to get out of my house and take some photos of patios. “Why not?” I say. “I hear vitamin D is good … Continue reading

Another messy Monday: censorship, talk radio, and other awkward things.

GOP convention features “bullet-pocked” Obama outhouse In case you’ve been living under a rock this year, a presidential election in the US is fast approaching. That means all decorum is lost and the shit hits the fan—or, in the case of some political “art,” the bathroom. A Republican Party convention in Montana this weekend featured … Continue reading

Messy Monday: An etch-a-sketch campaign manager and a salacious bridge guard.

Happy Monday, everyone! Ready for your dose of fresh queer feminism yet? No? Drink some coffee. How about now? Yeah? Super. Luka Magnotta dated a trans woman, get over it. By now you’ve probably heard of Luka Magnotta—the Montreal porn actor who allegedly killed, sexually assaulted and ate a 33-year-old man. I’d like to spend … Continue reading

A Monday News Roundup: Slutwalk, Catholics, and Pizza

Good-day, tired and slightly ragey cubicle dwellers, and those of you still eating Pillsbury Cookies at home in your PJ’s like you have no more hope for the future. It’s Monday. I was hoping to write this a few hours ago, but I wasn’t expecting this weekend to be so slut-tastic. Slutwalk Toronto took the … Continue reading

Scott Ferguson and Diana Khong stand in front of a plant.

Queer movie fest brings the party to schools

Inside Out Film Festival is ready to bring its youth involvement to the next level, starting with a new free matinee for high school students. The award-winning documentary, No Look Pass, will play at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on May 25. No Look Pass tells the story of Emily “Etay” Tay, an athlete and first-generation … Continue reading

Lou Engle’s Bizarro Esther

This post originally appeared in Religion Dispatches in April 2012. This is about pro-lifers, but it’s not about abortion. It’s about how one male evangelist thinks the best way for women to influence public policy is by feeling bad and by not eating. Lou Engle’s “Esther Call” will be finishing in Dallas, Texas today on … Continue reading

photo of Rowsom and Sampath in front of a series of posters designed by the Public Studio

Clearing the air: getting gay folks talking about tobacco

Queer people smoke tobacco at over double the rates of the general population, according to a new Toronto campaign. Experts pointto stigma, stress and targeted marketing campaigns towards queers as the cause—and they hope that by getting people talking, they can get people quitting. That’s why members of Rainbow Health Ontario, Smoker’s Helpline and Toronto … Continue reading

Occupy Saturday: Not the faces you’d expect.

The slowly building movement is gaining strength. On Saturday, about 3000 people filled the streets, marching past the Market Exchange and back into the park. It’s been a particularly surprising mix of people new to activism and lefty veterans. The usual descriptions of “anarchist hippies” aren’t really fitting the people who’ve hit the streets. That’s … Continue reading

Torn banner reveals protesters

Occupy Camera?

 Whatever Occupy Toronto was lacking in, it certainly wasn’t photo opportunities. Samantha Durnford and I hit the street and had a Time. She also offered me some wise tutelage on photo-taking. If you weren’t at Adelaide and Yonge this weekend, here are some of the moments you missed. Photos with silly captions are my own, and Samie’s … Continue reading