I am about to give up using money for Lent.

That means no buying things. It means bartering, sharing, or borrowing. It means getting creative. It means using what I have.

It means not losing my bus pass or returning my books late. It means walking into a room and not purchasing an excuse to be there, whether that be beer or food or a hat. I’m going to work for food instead of money at my store and dumpster dive to cover my grocery weeks in the house. On birthdays I’m going to make presents out of old bits of felt.

There are two caveats.

FIRST: I haven’t paid my tuition yet (don’t read this, mom!). I’m going to do it first thing tomorrow morning. That will be the beginning of this project.

SECOND: I live in community right now with 4 lovely women. So it also means paying my bills in advance, on this mighty fine fat Tuesday, and reaching up to the tuition office first thing tomorrow morning to cut them a cheque for my tuition.

Is this cheating? I had a great conversation about this with my roommate. The short answer is: yes. But the long answer is: that’s part of the cost of living in community with people. I have principles, and they’re going to support me and help me stick to them, but we also have bills that they need me to pay.

So. It’s decided. Bills paid, education covered, caveats made, roommates loved, I’m now cutting out money for 40 days. I think it will be interesting.


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