Occupy Saturday: Not the faces you’d expect.

The slowly building movement is gaining strength.

On Saturday, about 3000 people filled the streets, marching past the Market Exchange and back into the park.

It’s been a particularly surprising mix of people new to activism and lefty veterans. The usual descriptions of “anarchist hippies” aren’t really fitting the people who’ve hit the streets. That’s not to say people in peacoats can’t have radical politics. This young woman in the featured photo (above) approached me to talk about FIghtBack, a Trotskyist youth lobby that campaigns for the NDP to adopt more socialist policies.

After a week of occupying the park and a pretty large rally this Saturday, the question is starting to shift. Demonstrators are clearly creating a base of power to lobby or push for some kind of change. They’re in a private park, property of St James Cathedral—a social-justice oriented Anglican community with no intention to kick them out. The question is no longer “do they have the numbers?” or “do they have a commitment to push for something else?” It’s become a question of what they’ll demand, how they’ll come to a collective vision, and where and when they’ll demand it. Most importantly, how will they know if or when they’ve achieved their objectives?

There’s clearly a lot of passion in this park. But is it going to be funneled?

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2 Responses to “Occupy Saturday: Not the faces you’d expect.”
  1. Elsa says:

    Any way I could get a copy of one of your pictures? I would like an original file for the picture of the two people with the sign “give politicians minimum wage and watch how fast things change” because it is me and my younger brother holding the sign. Just wondering because we don’t own a camera and couldn’t take any pictures. Thanks!

  2. Ben says:

    I really hope this passion doesn’t dissipate…

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