A Monday News Roundup: Slutwalk, Catholics, and Pizza

Good-day, tired and slightly ragey cubicle dwellers, and those of you still eating Pillsbury Cookies at home in your PJ’s like you have no more hope for the future. It’s Monday. I was hoping to write this a few hours ago, but I wasn’t expecting this weekend to be so slut-tastic. Slutwalk Toronto took the … Continue reading

Queer movie fest brings the party to schools

Scott Ferguson and Diana Khong stand in front of a plant.

Inside Out Film Festival is ready to bring its youth involvement to the next level, starting with a new free matinee for high school students. The award-winning documentary, No Look Pass, will play at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on May 25. No Look Pass tells the story of Emily “Etay” Tay, an athlete and first-generation … Continue reading

Lou Engle’s Bizarro Esther

This post originally appeared in Religion Dispatches in April 2012. This is about pro-lifers, but it’s not about abortion. It’s about how one male evangelist thinks the best way for women to influence public policy is by feeling bad and by not eating. Lou Engle’s “Esther Call” will be finishing in Dallas, Texas today on … Continue reading

A moment with Dainty Box

Writer/producer/performer Dainty Smith under stage lights

Dainty Smith by Day, Dainty Box by night: I sat down with this badass writer, dancer, & producer of local gender-performance showcase Colour Me DRAGG. She talked about her own experiences making burlesque, and why she experiences it as a political, empowering act. “I started burlesque just a few years ago…my inspiration [comes] from Josephine … Continue reading

Talking sex… with JJ Steeves

Painting of a woman masturbating

Jei Jei Steeves is a Halifax artist whose stickers of stray kittens have been popping around the city’s streets to say things like “Your lopsided breasts are really beautiful,” “I support the troops but I don’t support the war,” and  “I don’t like the way you’re looking at my tits.” As a fine artist, her … Continue reading

All a-board the Women’s Centre!

women having a meeting at the women's centre

Do you want to look like those women? Sexy women doing smart and sassy things? Things like eating vegan food and taking notes about stuff? Yeah you do. You want to be on the Dal Women’s Centre board. The Dalhousie Women’s Centre is currently recruiting for new board members. There are a number of important … Continue reading

Victim-blaming on our campuses: unacceptable and unsurprising.

The second that writing about the way police treat university women seems out of date, overblown, or archaic, a story like this comes along. After reading about the (certainly less explicit, but nonetheless problematic) police response to a string of sexual harassment in Halifax, my friend Hayley and I felt like we should give some concrete … Continue reading

Dalhousie Women’s Centre faces policy challenges

Back to the drawing board: Dalhousie Women’s Centre takes steps to stay operational, revisit policy issues “On Monday, Nov. 8, what was originally expected to be a decision about new staffing procedures at the Dalhousie Women’s Centre Annual General Meeting quietly became the beginning of a major policy overhaul for the society…” An article for … Continue reading

Sue Johanson’s Halifax visit gets controversial

Sex without Sue? While the DSU scrambles to talk safer spaces with Sue, a grassroots group gears up for an alternative sex talk. ‘Johanson says she’s “well aware” that the use of heterosexual and gendered pronouns when talking about sex can be exclusive, but “it just makes it so much easier.” “I would love to … Continue reading